Type O Negative World Coming Down – Kammarheit The Starwheel

Type O Negative World Coming Down
Grupo: Type O Negative
Título: World Coming Down
Año: 1999
Pais: Usa
Discográfica: Roadrunner Records
Formato: CD, Digipak
Estilo: Goth metal

  • Skip It
  • White Slavery
  • Sinus
  • Everyone I Love Is Dead
  • Who Will Save The Sane?
  • Liver
  • World Coming Down
  • Creepy Green Light
  • Everything Dies
  • Lung
  • Pyretta Blaze
  • All Hallows Eve
  • Day Tripper (Medley): Day Tripper, If I Need Someone & I Want You (She’s So Heavy)


Kammarheit The Starwheel
Grupo: Kammarheit
Título: The Starwheel
Año: 2005
Pais: Suecia
Discográfica: Cyclic Law
Formato: CD, Digipak
Estilo: Dark Ambient

  • Hypnagoga
  • Spatium
  • The Starwheel (Clockwise)
  • Klockstapeln
  • The Starwheel (Counter Clockwise)
  • A Room Between The Rooms
  • Sleep After Toyle, Port After Stormie Seas
  • All Quiet In The Land Of Frozen Scenes

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